Solidarity for World Shops in the Corona Crisis

Solidarity now!

Support world shops and Fair-Trade-Producers in the global south with your online purchase.

Many World Shops had to close due to the Corona virus. For some of them, as for many other companies and self-employed people, a closure could mean the end of the business. This also has severe consequences for producers in the global south.

We want to support world shops. Join in!

With every online purchase, a World Shop can now be supported and this also supports the Fair Trade partners.

This is how it works:
As an online customer you can choose a World Shop in our online shopping cart that you want to strengthen.
Choose the shop in the interactive map that you see in the shopping cart below. The World Shop will receive the margin from us that it would have achieved if it had sold the products in the World Shop at the recommended retail price - as if you had bought the products directly in the shop. So join in today!

Every purchase and every click counts. This is the time when customer support is most needed. Our Fair Trade partners are currently facing numerous challenges. Production has to be stopped and finished goods cannot leave the ports. Therefore it is now important to support our partners by keeping the sales as constant as possible. The World Shops have already closed in many places in Germany and other European countries. They are losing turnover every day. They too need our joint support.

Join in, choose a World Shop and thus support fair and stationary trade.

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Orders directly from the World Shop

Many World Shops offer an order service for customers. Even if the shops are closed, customers can still order by telephone or e-mail from the World Shop. Either the World Shop team deliver the products themselves or they set up fixed collection times.
The orders can be passed on to us by the World Shop - we deliver free of charge. Our business is still running - of course under the strictest hygienical precautions and compliance with all necessary safety regulations.

Please contact your local World Shop for information about its activities.

Customers can still order coffee, rice and other supplies. And with toys for children, mandala pictures for colouring and Fair Trade games, it is easier to survive the quarantine.


Find a world shop near you!

Here are all the world shops that can be supported in the #supportyoursmallbusines campaign.

You are not registered as a World Shop in the World Shop Finder? This is the only way online customers can support you. Sign up and spread the word!

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Did you know that the idea of ordering online and support a world shop is not new at all?

With our Click & Collect service, world shops can continue to be supported even after the Corona crisis. Register as a world shop. #supportsmallbusiness

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